We here at Merle Door & Window are happy to sell you a new quality garage door to add to the value and comfort of your home. But if a beautiful new garage door is not on your wish list, we also offer garage door maintenance and repair.

Merle Garage Door Service: (509) 738-2624

Servicing your worn garage doors and openers will:

  • Boost reliability
  • Increase functionality
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Extend usefulness
  • Assure Safety

A service call might include the following procedures:

  • New bottom or weather seal, help keep elements and rodents outside
  • Increased spring tension, will lengthen the life of garage door openers
  • Track alignment, allows the door to roll more quietly and smoothly
  • Replace broken spring, will give your garage door a new lease on life
  • Tighten hardware, ensures that your wood garage door is safe to use

Replacing old garage doors and openers will:

  • Raise energy savings
  • Increase security for your garage- the gateway to your home
  • Ensure your garage is a safe place to park
  • Make your garage experience fun and easy
  • Add curb appeal